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Washing the Car



At our roots, we are car lovers, just like you. We care for the pleasure you feel when people notice the shine and appearance of your vehicle. We design our products with the goal in mind to keep that vehicle shining.
With our break through ABF 360 Technology we are poised to become the leader in the industry of grit defense technology. Since 2014, our #BucketBlasterBrand family has read, researched, experimented, and studied tens of thousands of hours to acquired our wealth of knowledge and experience in everything related to the grit removal process and its products. We’re committed to providing quality products and innovations. The industry is constantly changing, so it’s important that we keep up with the latest advancements while evolving ahead of the curve by "thinking outside the box".
We created the #HealthyCarWash by putting the Fun back into washing your car!

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We are currently developing a line of products that includes the following nine models:


Bucket Grit Blaster DUBBED “Grit Blaster”- Total Grit Removal System infused with our exclusive ABF 360 Technology that gives you 3 actions with just  1 motion. 

Bucket Grit Blaster Stand - Brings Grit Blaster up to waist height for increased ease of use.

Bucket Blaster Brand Line of Plush three stuffed villains - Dirt, Grit, & Grime who are the inspiration of the whole Bucket Blaster Brand. These three characters are at the forefront of the battle.

Bucket Bubble Blaster - Increases the level of bubbles and extends suds far beyond the cleaning job.

Bucket Blaster Brand Car Shampoo - PH balanced, wonderful smelling car cleansers

Bucket Blaster Brand Car Wash Mitts - Mitts that are made to last longer than regular wash mitts

Bucket Foam Blaster - A foaming gun that compliments our Grit Blaster

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