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Bucket Grit Blaster Expatiation

Updated: Jul 19, 2022

At Bucket Blaster we know you are the kind of people who want to wash your vehicles in a safe environment without damage. In order to achieve this, you need Bucket Grit Blaster for the #HealthiestCarWash.

The problem is dirt, grit, and grime stays around, collecting in your rinse & soap buckets, which makes you feel uneasy. We believe it’s just plain wrong that anyone in this day and age should have to deal with such problems. Here at #BucketGritBlaster we’ve tried, used, and experimented with many products on the market. We understand the struggles and concerns of keeping your wash mitt free of particles that can scratch and ruin your cars shine. That’s why we created a product that totally removes 100% of the grit from your wash mitt, tools, and wash environment for good.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1- Connect your standard water hose to the inlet on the Bucket Grit Blaster,

Step 2- use your standard sprayer nozzle and hose, then connect that hose to the outlet on the Bucket Grit Blaster,

Step 3- use Bucket Grit Blaster in place of your rinse bucket or use the Grit Blaster all by it self to TOTTALY remove dirt, grit, grime.

We bring peace of mind to people by providing them with a tool that helps you achieve a true “GRIT-FREE” wash environment. Because people deserve to brag about the carefree shine of their car.

At #BucketBlaster, we know you are the kind of people who want to wash your vehicles in a safe environment without damage. We call it #TheHealthyCarWash. In order to achieve this, you need to get yourself a #BucketGritBlaster grit removal system.

The problem with current grit defense products is dirt, grit, and grime are allowed to hang around, stay around collecting in your rinse water and soap bucket, which makes you feel uneasy. . . In a word "WORRY".

The difference here at Bucket Blaster Brand is, we figure it out. It was so simple to us. I don't know how the other guys missed it. We took a fresh approach and looked at the problem with fresh eyes and came up with a simple solution. The best thing for both your car and you the owner is to get rid of the harmful particles that scratch the paint. Everyone knows that "it's better to remove grit, than to guard against grit".

Removing them permanently like you never seen before! Unlike other products (we will let them remain nameless) that just separate these damaging particles and let them collect at the bottom of your wash-&-rinse buckets. All of the dirt that is removed from the vehicle floats around contaminating your wash environment. This is an injustice that will cause you to think about unpleasant results that can cause you to have real concerns about your finish.

Without our product, you feel uneasy, worry and frightened for your vehicles finish. That’s what we call "worry-ation-aggravation".

To counter-attack that injustice and constant worry is to use #BucketGritBlaster. When you use #GritBlaster it will transform you into your cars SUPERHERO! Git Blaster instills you with the confidence, trust, and joy that you SHOULD have while cleaning and caring for your vehicle. Using #BucketGritBlaster helps you give your car that #HealthyCarWash.

Grit Blaster

Removes 100% of the grit.

Retains 100% of the shine.

Totally removing the villains



& Grime!

Best Regards,

Bucket Blaster Brand

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