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Good Car Hygiene Campaign

Updated: May 23, 2023

Date: 6/30/2022

Hello Car People,

Always keep our vehicles finish safe with “Good Car Hygiene”! Your car's healthy shine is asking for your commitment to:

A) Reinforce the “#GoodCarHygiene” campaign with EVERYONE who cares about their cars shine

o All car owners should understand the importance of their cars' hygiene and preventing the accumulation of dirt, grit, and grime in the wash environment.

o Including focusing on and looking out for traditional products that do not actually work well, fail to go beyond just separating particles, and only keep them waiting and collecting in the wash environment.

B) Remove particles from your wash environment with “3 Modes of Actions” of our ABF 360 Technology

o More resources and literature are available on the Bucket Grit Blaster blog page.

We ask each of you to join us to ensure we are vigilant in our campaign to protect our vehicles shine, and retain their value by having the strictest adherence to the most essential practice in preventing damaging particles from harming your investment - Car Hygiene - All Hands On Deck!

Thank You,

Best Regards,

Bucket Blaster Brand

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