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Best Car Drying Technics

The less you touch your cars paint, the less scratches and marring you get. With that said I think you will agree that it's very important for you understand that the least amount of contact is best. This is some of the technics that I use to dry a car safely. You can use them to get pro results at home and give your car the #HealthiestCarWash.

Not Your Fathers Towel

First things first, you must choose the best fabrics, and most fabrics are not plush or safe enough for drying your cars finish. Never use napkins, paper towels, bath towels, or dish rags to dry your car. All of these material are to rough for your cars surface. They will ruin your car by scratching and marring the shine plus they aren't absorbent enough to work properly on a car. These products are not made for drying your cars paint without aggressively scratching while drying. Don't fool yourself, you will look silly, really silly trying to dry a car with kitchen paper towels.

If you’re want to get serious about retaining your vehicles paint and keeping it free of scratches, you need to get good quality microfiber towel to start with. Don't forget to get yourself some #BucketBlasterBrand quality waffle Weave Towels, Don't use chamois please, it's not the best fabric to use. They have very little to no nap. A good nap, collects any particles that may have gotten on your car while you were drying it. The debris will just get dragged across the surface if the nap is not good enough. And who wants that.

What Makes The Waffle Weave Towel So Good

A good quality waffle weave microfiber towel is the industry standard at this time. They can come in many different size, are very water absorbent, holds a lot of water, also they are soft enough to not damage your paint. The most popular ones are the ones with the rolled edges, made with soft thread. If you can, please try to avoid the raw edged waffle weave towels, the tread used to make these can be too rough for the paint.

Waffle weave towels have honeycomb pockets that creates a larger surface area. These pockets allow the fabric to draw in moisture into the fabric, unlike other towels that pushing the moisture around. Waffle weave towels are more “hungry for water" than traditional terry towels. The flat part of a waffle weave towel allows it to dry much quicker—up to 40% quicker at that of a terry cloth which is thick and retains moisture. Waffle weave towels are much less bulky tan traditional towels, making it an exceptional travel companions. The added benefit to using a waffle weave towels is that the honeycombed surface provides crevices that can act as holding areas for debris further protecting your vehicles surface from damage. Good quality waffle weave towel become incredibly soft with each wash over time.

Use Your Towel Like a Pro

You may already know that a wet towel soaks up water better than a dry towel. So misting your towel to make it moist, then wring it out before using it will improve the absorption rate of the towel. We call this priming or prepping the towel. Blotting the surface, then turning the towel regularly to remove the water from your cars surface may not be the best technic for everyone but its the safest. After you have bloated up most of the water you can get a fresh prepped towel, you can lay the towel flat surfaces and just pull the towel across most panels in a linear motion. This can remove the rest of the water left on each surface. My Top Tips:

  1. RUB, don't SCRUB your paint more than you have to.

  2. Use your spryer nozzle at a low enough volume, or better yet, totally remove the sprayer nozzle and turn water pressure to like half way. Doing this will make the water flow freely over the panel which creates a sheeting action. This will carry most of the loss debris and water off of the car surface.

  3. Use a color coded towel system to identify one color for a specific job. Do the door jams with one color, wheels with another, the engine bay with another color. This method will eliminate confusion.

  4. Air dryers for the car work well. If you are skilled enough to finesse the garden blower without dropping it can benefit you car drying task. The blower works best if your cars finish has a good coat of wax, or a sealant that will assist the water to bead and roll right off.

Last Words

If the garden blower is a NO, NO for you, then at least do the water sheeting followed by a good wipe down with a some of our top quality waffle weave drying towel. Once the paint is wiped down continue wiping down all of your door jambs, wheels, and engine bay with soft multi-purpose detailing towels. You don’t want to use your high-end drying towels in these areas because you risk soiling them. Use these steps for drying your car to ensure you didn’t install ANY scratches!

Best Regards,

Bucket Blaster Brand

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