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Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Grit is happening to your car all the time. You don't know it but, you may be missing something and it's closer than you think. 

Why do we design the most favorable "Grit Defense System", and why is it important? We developed a product that is right for todays health consciousness. Today it is important to have "healthy food", "healthy soap", now we give you #TheHealthyCarWash.

What is Grit? Highly dense, Solid rock, sand, gravel, minerals, cinders, heavy solid materials Settling momentum greater than organic solids.  

Understanding Grit - Grit is a common and serious problem for many reasons. Grit is assumed to behave like clean sand in clean water. Understanding grit is key to a successful grit removal system design. Conventional products on the shelves that are used for grit defense do not remove grit at all. Grit simply is allows to collect and hang out in the wash environment. My statement about this is

"It is better to remove the grit, rather than to guard against grit."

Possible Impacts of Poor Grit MGMT - while grit guards and the like have their use and place, they have more negative ramifications when used in a less favorable application like protecting a vehicle paint. Users put their trust in these products and just might be misled into THINKING that they are protecting their investment. I beg to differ.

REAL grit defense calls for a high-performance grit defense tech product with a simple but effective process like our innovation that uses #ABF360TECH.  

Grit Removal System Basics - Grit remains in the wash environment until transported away. The smallest and lightest grit particles flow away and are totally removed. This leaves the wash tool virtually free of debris. Like the showering effect used to cleanse the body or like the rinsing action used while washing you hands. This basic functions of our product significantly increase the safety of the paint on your vehicle. Effective grit management systems must separate grit alongside flowing the grit and particles simultaneously OUT AND AWAY FROM THE WASHING ENVIRONMENT to create the safest cleaning wash tools. 

Conventional Systems - Todays best grit control systems are based on the separation of the particles removed from the surface being cleaned. Guarding the cleaning surface against grit is just that, guarding. Guarding grit keeps the grit in the wash environment. This is a dangerous method that not only leaves the particles and grit around, but does nothing for the finer debris and particles that can float around in the water, also around and through these grit guard products. Your rinse water is being contaminated, the whole bucket of water after the first use is a potential danger of scratching you vehicles surface. Continued use will only multiply, accumulate, and compound the amount of grit and debris. therefore magnifying and breeding a larger opportunity for the grit to be transported right back onto your vehicle where it will cause damage and degrade the surface covertly. 

Comprehensive testing of these technologies revealed the striking difference between the two grit technologies. The first and only difference that is most important to our industry is how the grit is handled. Basic physics makes it simple to understand. The simple but very powerful and compelling fact is that the old grit defense technology is to only subdue the dirt, grit, and grime. Hines the great grit guard. On the other hand, the newest grit removal technology #GritBlaster is made to eliminate and evacuate these particles away from the wash environment replacing the contaminated water with fresh water with each use. This helps keep the cars finish virtually undamaged by the washing process. I call it  "TRUE GRIT REMOVAL."

New Design Goal - System Efficiency & Performance is where we will continue to innovate for future models. Design & Eco-friendliness are also among the top areas of the desired level of top-performing grit removal technology equipment. The efficiency of each step is critical. A SYSTEM is only as strong as its weakest link. #TheHealthyCarWash is what we want every vehicle owner to experience.

Bucket Blaster Brand© guarantees performance - 100% removal and discharge of particles that are released from inserted articles assure grit will NEVER return. This technology and performance result in the SAFEST & HEALTHEST wash environment for any vehicle.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we can get to know one another through our words.

Best Regards,

Creator J. Robert Freeman

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