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We at Bucket Blaster Brand have spent many hours researching products, their specifications, and the results of their features so we can make a real world observation that can be beneficial for our readers. We review expert articles and videos before publishing any product information on our page. We collect all of this data, add our first hand experience, and boil it down to a (most of the time) short BUT, valuable read that we can share.

We have hundreds of thousands of products to choose from. We only choose those that we have had first hand experience with, and THEN analyze them according to their performance, features, and other attributes and then share. We will do our best to bring YOU the value you deserve.

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We have been preparing for this moment for some time (since 2016). Here is where I will share lots of the things I experienced, learned, and benefited from. I have much planned for the future of this site. The focus here is car stuff like, appearance, repairs, maintenance, and the like. I my stick a quote from a great books in somewhere also at times, but other stuff my slip in as well. Forgive me if I go left at times. WE ARE ALL HUMAN.

I have worn many hats in my time here on this earth, and blogging is the hat I choose right now, as it feels right to me at this time.

Thanks for reading and hopefully we can get to know one another through our words.

Best Regards,

Bucket Blaster Brand

Creator J. Robert Freeman

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